» » Heat transfer oil «Transtherm 300»

The company "Yukoil" has expanded its product line of power-machinery fuel oils with a new semisynthetic heat transfer oil «Transtherm 300». The new product is ideal for a use in thermal-oil boilers in boiler houses installed in the factories of food, chemical, construction and plastic industry and for woodworking, papermaking and metal industry.

The characteristic property of the innovation is the ability of production cost cutting and reducing maintenance and machine costs in favour of obtaining a high heating temperature at a minimum operating pressure. «Transtherm 300» provides maximum permissible operating temperature up to 300-320 ° C.

 We make the point of the fact that for the correct and safe operation of thermal-oil equipment you will need a professional selection of heat transfer oil. It is most essential to prevent the contact of oil with air. The wrong selection may cause serious consequences such as:

- high fire peril and explosive hazard;

- total functional loss of the operated equipment;

- heavy injury of operating staff.

Please contact the technical support service of the company «WEST OIL GHANA LTD» to get advisory services about new product, as well as for the oil identification for a use in your equipment.