Transtherm 300

Semisynthetic heat transfer oil

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«Transtherm 300» is a semisynthetic heat transfer oil used for thermal-oil boilers in boiler houses installed in the factories of food, chemical, construction and plastic industry and for woodworking, papermaking and metal industry.

 Ideal for a use in closed systems with forced circulation: steam generators, recuperators, air heaters, thermostats, upper heating and black product discharge structures and other similar industrial and domestic installations.

 Thermal oil for boilers used during production process is more preferable to the use of steam, since it allows getting a sufficiently high heating temperature at a minimum operating pressure. Such technology allows reducing the cost of production and machine costs as well.

 High-temperature fluids are non-toxic petroleum products with sufficient thermal stability and an extremely high self-ignition temperature. The usage of «Transtherm 300» allows getting of maximum permissible operating temperature up to 320-340 °C. In this case, you should avoid the contact of hot oil with air.

 The wrong choice of heat-transfer oil leads to a reduction of the shelf life that is why you will have to change the oil in the heating system more often. Moreover, the non-compliance of the temperature condition may cause emergency situations.

  • has a high effective heat capacity;
  • prevents the progress of corrosion inside the system;
  • protects the system from sediments;
  • low evaporable;
  • does not need cleaning and advance preparation;
  • has high thermal stability;
  • allows you to work while low pressure in the system;
  • compliant with various construction materials of the system;
  • environmental friendly, does not have harmful emissions into the environment.


Transtherm 300